Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance consists of various Indian and Western dance forms primal inspired from Bollywood(Indian film Industry). Our Dance classes consists of an expressive dance style incorporating fusion of classical, folk, Bhangra, Arabic , Latino and hip hop funk style with a touch of pure Bollywood cheese dance to it all off.

Bhangra Fusion

Bhangra is a form of music and dance that originated in Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Bhangra began as a folk dance conducted by sikhs to celebrate the coming of Baisakhi, a Punjabi festival. The specific moves reflect the manner in which villagers formed their land. The dance started from just one move evolved later on.


Bharatnatyam is a classical Indian dance originating in Tamil Nadu, India. One of the oldest of the classical dance form of India. Bharatnatyam is usually accompanied by the classical music. It has its inspirations from the sculptures of the ancient temple Chindabaram. Bharatnatyam as the name depicts is the BHA-Bhawan (Expression) RA-Raga (Music) and TA-Tala (Rhythm) its is a traditional dance form known for its grace, purity,tenderness. Today It is the widely performed dance style and is practiced by many dancer all over the world.

Garba ( Dandiya Steps )

Garba ( in Gujarati) is an Indian form of dance that originated in the Gujarat region. The name garba comes from the Sanskrit term Garbha (“womb”) and Deep (“a small earthenware lamp”). Many traditional garbas are performed around a central lit lamp or picture/statues of different avatars of Goddess Shakti. The circular and spiral figures of Garba have similarities to other spiritual dances, such as those of Sufi culture. Traditionally it is performed during the nine-day Hindu festival Navratri Either the lamp (the Garba Deep) or an image of the Goddess Durga (also called Amba) is placed in the middle of concentric rings as an object of veneration.

Wedding Packages

Dance n’ Beats Academy specialises in teaching first dance for couples who wish to prepare for their special wedding day. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect first dance experience. We can also choreograph Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian Cultural dances for the whole family.

Whatever style of first dance you’d like, our dance lessons will make your first dance memorable for all the right reasons, making your dancing debut as newly weds a very special moment to mark the start of your new life. A choreographed first dance adds a personal touch to your big day and it will amaze your wedding guests, especially if you keep it a secret!